It Takes The Cake

Tips -

  • That wonderful, sweet cake will make just about everyone's mouth water -- including insects!
  • Some caterers use other bakers for wedding cakes and then mark up the price. Although your caterer may want to provide the wedding cake as part of their catering package, you may be able to save a significant amount of money by having the wedding cake provided directly by someone who specializes in wedding cakes.

Budget -

  • Several brides ask about the cake dummy; a Styrofoam drum that is decorated just like a real cake. This is not a huge savings, as it still requires decorating time. However, we can discuss options for the best way to handle each situation to get you the cake you want.
  • Not only are flowers one of the most beautiful ways to decorate a cake, they are also less expensive than sugar flowers. Whether fresh or silk, all around the cake or just as a topper, flowers can turn a plain cake into something spectacular.
  • Delivery and set-Up is included within 25 miles of my home.
  • Certain items such as fountains or cake bases can be rented for a small fee. We'll discuss this at your consultation. Save costs by having dad build a stand, or use something special. I've seen everything from giant wooden spools to stacked tires and logs of wood!
  • Occasionally, a caterer might charge for cutting the cake. Be sure to ask! You can save money by having a family member or friend cut and serve your wedding cake.
  • Your fantasy cake looks and tastes just right, but costs a fortune. What to do?
  • Your cake is new, so why not borrow from the past for accessories like cake toppers and cutting knives? After sifting though Grandma's hope chest or Mom's china cabinet, you might just find a way to honor brides of your past by revivimg the life of an heirloom -- and save money while you're at it!

Building Blocks -

  • Filling refers to what is between the two layers of cake in one slice. It can be frosting, jam, mousse, fruit, cream cheese, cookies, cheesecake, or anything your heart desires and your imagination can produce.
  • Be sure to bring a swatch of fabric to your consultation if you want the colors of your cake to blend with the wedding theme.
  • Your cake will look amazing, because it's designed by YOU! Whether it be modern or traditional, a lot of work goes into decorating a cake. You can use a combination of decorating techniques to make your cake shine in the spotlight. Fresh or silk flowers can be arranged on a cake for breathtaking elegance. Search for ideas online, in magazines, or visit me to discuss any number of options.
  • Not only should your cake look incredible, it should also taste that way! Determining the flavor of your cake is yet another opportunity for you to both showcase your tastes. The most popular wedding cake flavors may bore or comfort you. However, if your tastes are more adventurous, the possibilities are limited only to your imagination! At my own wedding, I used two flavors per slice so that guests didn't have to choose! Request a cake tasting if you have not sampled your baker's cake. Menu
  • Be aware of the temperature and humidity conditions of where your cake will be displayed.
  • Order your cake based on the number of servings you think you will need. Keep in mind that some may opt for no cake at all, while others may try more than one flavor. It's better to err on the side of too much than to be caught with an empty cake table. Most couples choose not to include the top layer of cake in the number of servings, and save it for their anniversary.
  • ServingSizeChart
  • Will your cake be stacked (one layer directly on top of another), or will you set your cakes apart with pillars for a taller appearance? Will you use fountains, candles, or ribbon? Maybe you like many smaller cakes surrounding a centerpiece cake. Ask about Satellite set-up, when your cakes are arranged on several heights of stands (satellite display). How about the table decoration? A color coordinated table top and drape combination can greatly enhance the presentation of you wedding cake. Additions like candles with mirrors, fresh flowers, lights, fabric, etc. can also create a stunning presentation.

Cake Table -

  • Your wedding cake will be a major focal point at your wedding reception. Think about what you might like on the table to enhance the cake display such as lights, candles, photos, etc.

Personalization -

  • Incorporate family heirlooms into your wedding such as your grandmother's serving knife set that she used 60 years ago, or the linens and lace your great-grandmother borrowed from her mother. Family wedding photos, a special cake plate, etc. can make your cake special.
  • Consider a monogram cake topper; very trendy these days, and they come in a wide variety of price ranges.
  • Instead of one tiered cake, some couples are opting for smaller cakes, still beautifully adorned, as a centerpiece on each round table. These can be different flavors, and may encourage guests to mingle with other guests while trying the different flavors.