It Takes The Cake

About Me

My name is Tonya Bukowski and I baked and decorated cakes since 2001, while working a full time job and also some side gigs!The Cake Lady

My love of cooking began at a young age working on 4-H projects, and I’ve never stopped.  I learned most of what I know by countless hours of doing my own research, trial and error.  After a few years decorating on my own, I took 3 courses in Wilton Cake Decorating.  I never thought I’d end up with a second “full time” job, but I built my business strictly by customers sharing their experiences with their friends and families and it thrived!  The best part of it all was seeing my customers so happy when they saw their cakes or hearing back that they loved it.

In December of 2017, I made the difficult decision to retire my cake biz to focus on enjoying life with my husband and family without the restriction of being in the kitchen 5 days/week filling orders.  God has blessed me with many opportunities!  All of your support was one of those blessings!

I continue with my side gig of working with the healthiest hair care line in the US.  I only promote what I believe in, so if you want info on this I’d love to share it with you over a glass of wine!  Cake bribery is real.  LOL

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